My name is Nick

and I'm a Linux addict.

I started experimenting with Linux as a hobbyist back around 1999 with my first installation of Slackware on a Compact Presario PC, and was instantly hooked. Around 2007 or so, I moved to linux as my Desktop OS full time. After a few years of building websites for friends, and acting as a technical consultant locally, I was recruited for my first 'Corporate' Linux Administrator job. Several years and two companies later, I'm a Linux Systems Engineer on the Site Reliability team at Rackspace Hosting.


What I do

These are a few of the things I deal with on a day to day basis in my current position at Rackspace. I am always looking for new things to learn, and new technology to play with.

  • Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian
  • Multi-cloud and Hybrid environments
  • Developing CI/CD Pipelines
  • Managing Containerized Infrastructure
  • Maintaining PCI Compliance
  • Writing Configuration Management
  • Documentation and Runbook development
  • Managing Enterprise Storage Clusters

Projects and Passions

I am still a hobbyist and combine my work and hobby skills and learning in some fun projects including:

My Media Center has grown in complexity over the years, and Kodi remains infinitely hackable to suit my needs.

In an attempt to fully automate my home, I have started tinkering with Mycroft AI.

Linux Hackery

Years of introducing others to Linux and helping others to tinker as I started, have compelled me to start a blog where I plan to document my adventures with Linux, and hopefully find time to write some tutorials.


Feel free to contact me! I generally don't bite!

Note for Recruiters: I'm currently located in Michigan and employed full time working remotely. This means that I am not interested in contracts, nor am I currently interested in relocating. If you have a full time remote position, or something close to my location, feel free to contact me!

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